Concrete splitting

Variable concrete splitting machinery is a part of our production program. We always manufacture and deliver customized splitting lines of various parameters according to the customer needs.

Splitting parameters

Our splitting lines are mostly equipped with the splitting machines on the following dimensions:

  • width of splitting head: 600 mm, 800 mm a 1200 mm
  • max. thickness of input block: up to 25 cm
  • splitting power varies from 43 t to 120 t
  • In case of need we are ready to manufacture a splitting machine with different parameters.


Depending on the product type and shape, we fit splitters with several types of teeth, including a shape splitting option.

Splitter's equipment

Gestra splitters are always equipped with the following features to increase quality of finished products and prolong service lifetime:

  • side teeth
  • hydraulic impact for improving of split face quality
  • hydraulic system with a cooling unit