About us

I’ve told myself many times that Dad knew well what he was doing. When I was five, I watched him build houses, water supplies, and other projects. When he received notice from his bankrupting company, he did not go home. He bought its premises and started his own business. You can think it was a gamble. And you’re right. But he who does not step forward steps back. Delivery of the first Porsfeld splitter spare parts changed the life of our family. Since then, we started to manufacture and supply stone splitting machines and all required accessories. Thanks to long-term cooperation with quarries and continuous innovation, GESTRA has become a world leader in the production of a wide range of efficiently operating, hard stone splitting machines.

Gestra manipulators

The splitters for building stone and large blocks are equipped with unique manipulators. We have designed them to save time, increase productivity and to make the operator’s work easier. We have been producing them since 1996 and for their handling power and kinematics they have no competition across the world. Their designer is the founder of the company. The splitters that are equipped with them show a significantly higher performance. Production may rise by more than 100%.

We have been helping customers for more than 30 years

We have experts in our team with long-term experience in the field. We advise you both on the organization of production and the practical arrangement in the quarry. Before you make any kind of decision on a specific solution, we organize tours to our customers for you. We offer a test stone splitting from your quarry. We’re happy to come to see you to better understand your needs. Thanks to these visits, we design and implement tailor-made splitting line projects.

To make a good decision is to succeed

We bring you solutions for sustainable and higher quality production while keeping your operating costs low. We will enable you to achieve maximum performance while manufacturing quality products. Our goal is your satisfaction. Convince yourself that GESTRA machines work the way we present them to you. You will be rewarded with reliable and efficient production.

“GESTRA splitters are an excellent foundation stone for a stable business."

Michal Vasicek, managing director