Hydraulic splitters

for stone & concrete

Why to choose GESTRA?

Since 1992, our commitment to efficiency, durability, and smart design has made us a trusted choice for stone processing professionals worldwide.


Our goal is to produce SPLITTING MACHINERY that will increase performance while reducing costs in customer operation. One of the proofs is that GESTRA MANIPULATORS, due to their sophisticated construction, kinematics and handling power, have no other competition and significantly facilitate and accelerate the stone processing.

Long durability

The sophisticated robust construction of our splitters and quality components used guarantee long durability of GESTRA machines. The proof that we are serious about the splitting machine durability is that we provide all the splitters with a COOLING UNIT. This extends durability of the hydraulic aggregate, which is the heart of the stone splitter.

Smart design

The optimal positioning of controls on splitters and on control panels enables efficient machine attendance. The ergonomics of the paving stone splitting machine allows, among other things, OPERATION AND MANUFACTURE WHILE SITTING, which contributes to greater safety, higher performance and better quality of finished products.

Our services

We’ll be seeking the best solution for your business


We regularly exhibit at fairsin Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia and North America. At some of the fair trades you can see our machines in operation. You can also arrange an appointment with our representatives at other fairs where we do not directly exhibit, but are in attendance. Take advantage of these opportunities to personally meet and discuss your stone processing project with us. We will be happy to meet you and answer all your questions.

Tour and test splitting

We always encourage customers to have a tour of our client facilities. You will be able to see the machines in actual operation, become convinced of their qualities and ask our customers about their experience. In the case of your interest, we will ensure test splitting of your stone and arrange for photo and video documentation with one of our customers. We do not hide anything from you, we are honest and open.

Manufacture and delivery

After selecting the optimal solution and negotiating the terms of trade, we will prepare a sales and purchase contract. Upon its signature, the manufacture is launched according to the agreed conditions. You can be informed about its progress. We use only quality components from leading suppliers to guarantee the reliability of our equipment. We take real care about the quality and final inspection. Following the manufacture of the machine, we will be happy to help ensure its shipping to your designated site.

Installation and training

After delivery of the machine, our technicians will install and commission it. It goes without saying that we’ll train you how to properly and efficiently operate your machine. We’ll carry out the necessary training on occupational safety and basic machine maintenance. We offer training even if installation is not required.

Technical support

For all our customers, immediate technical support is available in major world languages. Our machines are reliable, having minimum breakdown rate. If, however, a breakdown occurs, we immediately join forces with you to find out what the cause is and to remove it. In the event that the fault cannot be removed remotely, we will send our repair technicians as soon as possible.